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1 | make it idiot proof and someone will make a better idiot, I Make Decals™, funny, humor, Hard Hat, lunch box, tool box, Helmet Stickers 2′ x 2′

Item Showcases one (1) -2′ x 2′ I Make DecalsTM Stickers for Hard Hats, lunch boxes, phones, etc Self sticking plastic sticker. Solid adhesive for lengthy usage. Safety laminate overlay to stop fading and also scraping I Make DecalsTM decal Safety laminate overlay to stop fading as well as

Look Away While I Fix This © ,I Make Decals™, Funny, humor, 2′ circle Hard Hat vinyl decal car stickers

Solid Resilient gloss plastic decal/ sticker label with safety laminate overlay to stop fading and also damaging Item Attributes copyrighted © I Make DecalsTM style and also sticker … if it isn’t really from us, it isn’t really lawful! Both stickers revealed consisted of Safety laminate 2′ Circle plastic sticker/ sticker label for

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