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Farm Girl: Rural Life Humor from a Farmer’s Daughter

What happens when a farmer who’s been wishing for a boy ends up with a girlie-girl? Come along on the humorous and sometimes agonizing adventures from a childhood spent on a farm in the Eastern Oregon desert where one family raised hay, wheat, cattle, and a farm girl.

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My Idea of ‘Help From Above’ is a Sniper on the Roof humor biker funny slogan retro joke rockabilly embroidered applique iron-on patch new

Iron-On Directions – Spray water on rear of spot; Area spot on garment; Establish iron temperature level on ‘cotton’; Cover spot with an item of wet fabric; Iron for 30 to 40 secs; Transform garment completely and also iron till completely dry. Item Showcases Actions 1.63 inches high by 3.5 inches vast (4.14 centimeters by

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Humor: Stories from the Collection More News from Lake Wobegon

A thematic collection of Lake Wobegon monologues, Humor includes ‘Skinny Dip,’ ‘Homecoming,’ ‘The Freedom of the Press,’ and ‘Vicks.’

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Disquiet, Please!: More Humor Writing from The New Yorker (Modern Library Paperbacks)


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Disquiet, Please!: More Humor Writing from The New Yorker (Modern Library Paperbacks)

The New Yorker is, naturally, a stronghold of outstanding essays, significant investigatory journalism, and also informative arts objection. For eighty years it’s likewise been a hoot. Currently an uproarious tasting of its amusing works could be located in this collection, by turns amusing and also ridiculing, misanthropic


A collection of Russian jokes, stories as well as narratives. Wit is among the most effective tools for understanding as well as approving other individuals. Russian worldview is filled with jokes and also wit. We have the tendency to poke fun at every little thing. Our preferred nationwide leisure activity is to share a dish and also some fresh jokes

Fierce Pajamas: An Anthology of Humor Writing from The New Yorker (Modern Library Paperbacks)

When Harold Ross started The New Yorker in 1925, he called it a ‘comic weekly.’ As well as although it has actually come to be a lot more compared to that, it has actually held in its tongue-in-cheek heart to the owner’s summary, releasing one of the most remarkable literary satirists in the contemporary era-among them Robert

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